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!!!IMPORTANT- credit card payments - IMPORTANT!!!

Please when you are paying with CREDIT Cards - VISA or MASTERCARD make sure your bank allows you to settle / pay, International payments. Many-times we do experience two following issues:

  • You have two step verification, and you need to aproove payment via your banking app or via text message

  • Your bank block international transaction and you need to call them and asked them to allow the payment


One solution that works 100% = Always you can write me and we will find the way:

Thank you for your patience, Martin

DELIVERY UPDATE 21.March 2024 - Please due to absence of Pali in the warehouse, all orders done from Friday 12:00 until Wednesday 20:00 Bratislava, Slovakia time, will be shipped on Friday  29.March 2024.

Pali is getting old so he needs some urgent fix with his back.


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