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Great Ocean Road

Journey around Australia continues, and we are on the way from Adelaide to Melbourne. Xmass carols in the radio as it is Christmas day in Australia, sunny 36 degrees and more than 1000km ahead of us. Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles, London Bridge, Bay of Islands - here we come.

Visited places in the video

Before I will guide you thru the places of Great Ocean Road, here is small tip for you. If you will be riding from Adelaide to Melbourne, overnight stop is a must. We have stay at Cape Bridgewater Seaview Lounge, that is about 20km from Portland and we have love it. The owner - Dennis, will make you feel like in you are at your grandparents place, with awesome breakfasts and chill atmosphere.

Cape Bridgewater Sea view lounge /

Great place to start the journey. We have parked at Bay of Islands boat ramp and it was a great call by me - as always. Much less people than on the main parking lot and basically the whole view point was just for us.

Bay of Islands / @MartinTheVlogger

Only maybe a kilometer later its place called Bay of Martyrs. As we are mentioning in the video, the whole Great Ocean Road experience is about driving for few kilometers, finding parking space, walking, going back to car, driving and so on and so on... Some of the spots are not so great some are surprisingly great with only few people. You definitely don't wanna miss those great once, so you will be probably stopping everywhere. Bay of Martyrs is decent spot and what makes this POI nice is the possibility to walk on the beach next to the "islands".

Katka praying for sunny day at Bay of Martyrs

Definitely a must stop place. The "blue eye" its simply amazing. Try to find the place away from crowds and just look on the ocean and relax. You may not find same peaceful and quite place just for yourself on the cliff, further down the road.

The Grotto / @MartinTheVlogger

Our most favorite spot. Actually this was the highlight of the Great Ocean Road trip. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. Have a look on the video, or this photo and try to locate where we were. For some reason, all the tourists were on the main "viewing spot" and nobody were bit further from the main pedestrian road.

Feeling loved at London Bridge / Katka & @MartinTheVlogger

At this time, if you will hit the road early in the morning, you will become hungry. Great fish and chips you will find in Port Campbell. If it is a sunny and hot day, take swimsuit with you and have a quick swim on the small beach in the "city".

Crowded place like this its a nightmare for us. That was the main reason why we have left this POI without any real look around. However as always - amazing me :) , if you search, if you go in opposite direction as all of the tourists and buses, you may find a gem. And we did. Its on the furthest possible parking spot from Loch Ard Gorge, and you need to follow the track to Sherbrok river. If you will, you will end up on epic beach with stunning views and almost no tourists at all.

Whale taking off at Sherbrok river / @MartinTheVlogger

Nice but super crowded. If you want to have similar experience as the view over Twelve Apostles, start your journey as we did, away from crowds, early in morning and start at Bay of Islands. Many tourists do travel from Melbourne, and the tours will not take all of them all the way up to the Bay of Islands.

Crowds at Twelve Apostles / @MartinTheVlogger

My last words are. Dont forget to take sun cream and warm clothes. You will be near the ocean and the chilly breeze can be pain in the ass even on the supper hot sunny day.

Here is the map of the main POI and places - what to see - when traveling the Great Ocean Road


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