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Upgrade Your Spyder F3 with These Eye-Catching Frame Caps #CanAm

Looking to upgrade the look of your Can-Am Spyder F3? Check out these eye-catching frame caps from Lamonster!

You can find them here in black version or in accent cut: In this video, MartinTheVlogger will show you how the stock frame caps look and how they're transformed with the Lamonster IPS F3 frame caps. We'll also walk you through the installation process step by step. With the optional third peg mount, you can reuse the top bolt on the stock cap and place it on the lower IPS cap. A new 80mm stainless steel bolt is included in the kit for the upper IPS cap.

This video features the black version, but the Lamonster IPS F3 frame caps are also available in "silver" accent cut version. Watch now to see how easy it is to give your Can-Am Spyder F3 a custom look that stands out from the crowd.

In todays video you will find

0:00:05 - Introduction to the Lamonster frame caps and the benefits of upgrading the frame caps on your Spyder F3

0:01:05 - Unboxing and showing the Lamonster frame caps

0:01:55 - Alternative method for using the frame caps with a third peg

0:03:10 - Step-by-step instructions for installing the frame caps on a Can-Am Spyder F3 0:06:15 - Top tip from MartinTheVlogger for a successful installation

0:07:32 - Showcasing how the eye-catching frame caps look on the Spyder F3

0:08:26 - Other ways to customize your Can-Am Spyder

Just click on Blue Time Line and you will be moved to that part of the video

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