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Be careful not to miss this opportunity, because there is only ONE PHYSICAL item on SALE for special price. RULE: First comes first served!!!

Week 21-28 JUN - Safety Portable Jump Starter and Power Supply

For all Can Am SPYDER and RYKER motorcycels and also all Gas engines up to 7l and Diesel up to 3,5l - click here for more info

This week price includes 15% discount 13.,99,- Eur [regular price 159.99,- Eur] CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR Safety Jump Starter and Power Supply

The RUGGED GEEK® RG1200 Safety 1200A Portable 12V Jump Starter and Power Supply is a must have for everyday driving.

MartinTheVlogger experience: I have been stuck two times already in the middle of nowhere with flat battery. Once it was because the battery was old and the owner of place where I have stayed in Romania, did not have jump cables. Second time it was my fault, as I was messing up with aftermarket electronics and I have drain the battery. I told to myself, that I do not want to face this ever never again!!!!

  • This RG1200 will jumpstart my SPYDER at anytime

  • I can charge my phone and other 3 devices when I return from moto-trip in the evening, when I like to sit on dinner and see photos and use internet

  • I have 12000ampers of safety power always with me

Week 14-21 JUN - Bottle Holder + THERMO Bottle for BRP Can Am Spyder RT 2010-19

Models RT / RT-S / RT-LTD - click here

Comes with Black or Stainless steel Lamonster Garage Bottle [Black has Lamonster garage sticker] Vacuum sealed 750ml bottle that will keep your drink cold up to 24 hours.

This week price 99,- Eur [regular price 109,- Eur] CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR HOLDER

Spyder Cuff - Bottle holder was introduced at Spyderfest 2015 and was a BIG hit. The Spyder Cuff is like no other bottle holder because it's so much more than just a cool looking drink holder. The Spyder Cuff has ten 1/4" - 20 tapped holes that allow you to mount just about anything anywhere you like. It fit's all Spyder RT bars including the tri-axis bars. Will mount on either side of the bar so if you have a SM you can mount on the right side and a SE can mount on either side or both.

Spyder Cuff includes a 20oz / 750ml bottle holder and has options for many RAM mount products. Can be used as a phone holder with the X-Grip by RAM and can mount any camera that can be used with a RAM ball mount.