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UnBoxing Goes ON - MartinTheVlogger Can-Am Aftermarket Shop

In this episode about the Largest European Shop with Can-Am aftermarket parts you will find out:

* We are unboxing more items

* Why Shad SH58X is the ultimate Top Case

* Closer look on floorboards for Can Am RYKER

* What was my personal best buy of the year

* What will go on the next RYKER project we are about to start

This story will continue with 3rd & last video on weekend

In today's video you will find out:

0:00:20 - How Shad SH58X works on Can-Am Spyder

0:02:11 - SH58X advantages and options / add-ons

0:07:14 - Difference between Commander and Black Dymond floor boards

0:09:58 - Best Buy of 2021 season

0:11:41 - Ryker AXEL caps

0:16:02 - Can Am RT 20+ brake pedal

0:16:50 - Fog Light kit for Can Am RYKER

*To get to part specific part of the video, just click on the TIME NUMBER

More about New items and new unboxing video will come on Wednesday 8th of December.

Pack Rack & Brand New Top Case Kit from SHAD - Space, space and more space. We have first added Pack Rack for all Spyder F3, F3s and F3T owners, however there was always a demand for good and all in one solution to get also the TOP Case. So we have talked to Shad and we have now what MartinTheVlogger calls Rolls-Royce between bags.

This bag is not only top quality but its also smart - look at more info on shop page.

Cat Delete from Lamonster - We are back on stock with this extreme straight pipe for your 1330 Rotax engines. This is the loudest pipe you can get on the market. However with stock exhaust i think it is juuuuust right :)

Those that are waiting for RLS Cat delete, we have update that they will come in about February 2022.

Rear front fender light for Can Am RYKER and SPYDER.

Finally we have this also for new style of fenders that is on Spyders and Rykers since 2019.

We still need to get the side orange light but, these rear front fenders light are great looking and safety addon.

Commander Boards and Can-Am RYKER vs Black Dymond - finally we have been able to buy more than what was pre-ordered so we are able to have them on stock. Personally I dont like the stock pegs on Can-Am RYKERs and this is one great upgrade towards comfort you can get. Now you have to just choose which one to go with

My Best Buy of the 2021 Season - It has saved me twice this season, it has saved 2-3 spyder rYders and it is saving bloody neighbours every here and then. plus i just simply love to have some extra power to be used for charging around me

Ryker Fog Lights - item that i will use for my next RYKER project. And they are just Top Notch High Quality

Axel Caps for Ryker and for Spyder with Inner Caps - This upgrade dont only looks great but it saves the purpose. Inner caps for Spyders are the same thing as part of the product you get with the Ryker wheel caps - they dont let the water go in and create rust. Spikes are no doubt one of the most badass visual upgrades you can get on your rYker these days.

Another products that are in the video and we are back on stock with them


About MartinTheVlogger I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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