FloorBoards and Extra Foot Rest for F3 /F3s /F3T /F3Ltd

FloorBoards and Extra Foot Rest for F3 /F3s /F3T /F3Ltd

MartinTheVlogger Online Shop is bringing you ultimate comfort solution for BRP Can Am Spyder F3, F3s, F3T or F3 Ltd Motorcycles,. Within this FloorBoards and Extra Foot Rest Comfort set you can choose between

  • Rider Only or Rider and Passenger Floor boards,
  • you can add extra Foot rest for Rider floorboard.
  • you can add OEM Peg mounts - NEEDED when you have F3 or F3s without OEM Floorboard mounts!!!



On the shop there is MINI version for rider avaliable as well


Orriginally these floor boards are called Black Dymond Gripper Floorboards and are the perfect addition to your F3 Spyder (all models)

They are made in USA from solid chunk of 6061 aircraft aluminum and precision cut on a CNC mill. 

The Gripper cut assures grip even in the rain like our Gripper pegs. The bottom of the boards are drilled and tapped in three locations for fully adjustable Extra Foot rest. There is nothing like this on the market for your Can Am Spyder.


Extra Foot Rest gives you additional comfort for your foot on your journeys. FloorBoards are drilled from the bottom on many places and these extra footrest can be mounted in many possitions to fit your riding/comfort style.

They are fully adjustable in various angles, they can be turned inside or outside from floorboards.

Extra Foot rest do come in 2 dimmensions

Small - approx 12cm wide

Large - approx 19cm wide


Floor Board Dimensions RIDER: 45,72cm x 15,24cm (18" X 6")

Floor Board Dimensions PASSENGER: 30,5cm x 12,7cm (12" X 5")


CLICK HERE for VIDEO how they LOOK like and how to INSTAL them https://youtu.be/jRmdXa8B-qk

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