PedalBox - Throttle Response Unit - 998 Rotax Engines

PedalBox - Throttle Response Unit - 998 Rotax Engines

For All Can Am Spyder models with 998 Rotax Engine from the year 2010 and up with ELECTRONIC THROTTLE - please in 2010 there was a switch in production, so in case you have at home this model year, double check your Throttle!!!


MartinTheVlogger APPROVED!

This is one hell of an upgrade that you must have. I do guarantee you that when you will install this unit and you will hit the road, it will create a big ass smile on your face.


PedalBox is well known on the market and now my friends from Germany has tweaked it to our needs so we can use it for our beloved Can Am bikes.

1 - It has 4 modes [City, Sport, Sport+ and OFF] and every mode has 6 different levels of intensity

Each mode increase a reaction of your throttle that will make your bike ACCELERATE FASTER. City is gentle set up for those that want to use that extra performance of your bYke when overtaking or when accelerating from red lights. Sport + is for those that like to enjoy twisty roads like MartinTheVlogger do :)

2 - Its error code free. Long story short, you don't have to worry, it willcreate any trouble to your bYke.

3 - Its not chip tunning or playing with a fuel map, etc. All it does is that it increases reaction to your electric throttle up to 95%. With stock set up, you are somewhere around 60%,.. maybe

4 - Its super easy to install [10min job for non skilled person]

5 - It comes with bluetooth and PedalBox App


Video Review + Instalation + What the PedalBOX does CLICK HERE

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