Hood & Rear Fender Badge [Mean Face] for Can-Am

Hood & Rear Fender Badge [Mean Face] for Can-Am

Mean Face badge is a set of two High Quality 3D printed badges for Can-Am Spyder Motorcycles F3, F3s, F3T, RT, Maverick, Sea-doo, Ski-doo


The Bigger badge is 68mm [2.677inch] and it will fit your front hood. Smaller badge is 48mm [1.889inch] and it is made to fit your rear fender.
They do come with powerful twin tape already pre-install. So all you need to do it to stick it to your bike.


Version 2.0 is being printed on new 3D Printer and level of detail of the Mean Face has higher quality

Also we are bringing brand new colors to make your SPYDERs to stand out even more


Material used: Carbon fiber reinforced PETG

Plug & Play product by MTV Manufacturing

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