Sway-Bar Kit Can-Am RYKER -BAJARON

Sway-Bar Kit Can-Am RYKER -BAJARON

Ryker Only!  !!!Will Not Fit any other Can-Am or BRP vehicle!!!


BAJARON Bar Kit for the Ryker is Very Easy to install. Especially when compared to the BRP bar kit.

Add to this that the BajaRon Custom Performance Sway Bar looks and performs better than the BRP upgrade bar.

The BajaRon Custom Performance Sway Bar Kit comes with Chromoly and Billet Aluminum End Links which replace the Composite Plastic End Links supplied with the BRP upgrade bar kit.

Plastic end links stretch under load and reduce the function of the sway bar. Plus, they are subject to breakage.

BajaRon Custom Performance Sway Bar Installation Instructions comes in the box.


Yes, the Factory BRP sway bar upgrade is cheaper. However, installing the BRP Upgrade Sway Bar on the Ryker is a BEAR of a job! Check it out before you go that route. Dealers are charging 150.00 - 220.00EUR and more to install the BRP upgrade bar kit due to the level of difficulty and time involved. Some have purchased the BRP upgrade bar thinking they would do the install themselves. Only to give up and have it done by the dealership.


This Performance Bar Kit is located in EUROPE. In case you are from US/Canada - please click here! . MTV Online shop can sell you this Kit, but economically it does not make sense.!

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