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2019 - Present Can-Am Ryker CARBON Series Exhaust

2019 - Present Can-Am Ryker CARBON Series Exhaust

This is the RLS Exhaust Carbon Series that will fit 2019 - Present Can-Am Ryker all models.

Carbon series are the latest addon from RLS exhausts. Carbon on the exhaust makes it look cool, but also it reduce the weight.

It is very aggressive exhaust that will make your RYKER scream  


There are 2 options avaliable:


Black exhaust have a  Cerakote Ceramic Coating that reduces heat up to approx 200C


Video how to INSTALL exhaust and how they SOUND - click here


RLS EXhaust is a USA based company and all of the products are biuld directly in USA! Name of the "artist" behind this is called Mr. Ricky Sutton and he build custom build exhausts for over 13 years.

MTV Online Shop is EXCLUSIVE re-seller of RLS Exhausts in EUROPE!!!


This is a Custom Exhaust and remapping is recommended to get the best performance 
but not necessary  they perform awesome  - the BRP Can Am RYKER has a self learning computer and will make small changes to make the bike run it's best.


Remapping - Click Here

DYNOJET PV3 - Click Here


Your Exhaust has 90 day warranty against welds breaking.  These Exhaust Are Custom Built so No Returns for any other reason are accepted.


    PriceFrom €652.44
    Excluding VAT
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