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Ryker - Full Size Skid Plate

Ryker - Full Size Skid Plate

This is Custom 1/8" aluminum skid plate for your Can-Am Ryker 600, 900, 900 Rally or Sport from 2018 - Present

It will not fit RYKER RALLY 2022 models.


This skid plate is universal to all models and protects the entire engine undercarriage and front bumper from incidental impact. It's function is to displace any impact that is taken across the entire plate instead of directly in one centralized location.

The finish will be powder coated in a texturized black (similar to ABS plastic) or metallic silver (matches the Rally accents)


Full Size Skid Plate includes:

1x Skid Plate - Color of your prefference

1x Mounting Kit

1x Manual via QR code

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