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Wheel Balancers - Full Set

Wheel Balancers - Full Set

This kit includes two front wheel balancers and one rear wheel balancer for All Can-Am Spyder with following:

Will only work on 15" OEM front rims, NOT OLD STYLE 14" rims

Also will work with the 15" PPA wheels!!!


Lamonster Garage has been working exclusively with Centramatic in developing a wheel balancer for the Can Am Spyder. This project has taken over a year with many prototype units and redesigns. When we first started the project there were a limited amount of wheels on the market for the Spyder. The first set we made worked great on some of the wheels, but not all of them. There were clearance issues with the caliper and taper of the back of the wheel. After we worked that out we had to determine the right amount of weight to add to the rings to get the best effect and to overcome a tire that needed a lot of weight to balance. It's not unusual for a Spyder tire to take 3 to 4 oz to balance out. I had two front tires on my F3 that had a bounce I couldn't get rid of. I could see it in my fenders and sometimes it shook so badly, I thought it was going to break my fender supports. After changing to new tires it was better but still had a shake and that was with 3.5 oz of weight. After getting the finished product a few months ago I was pleased to see the fenders no longer shook and the ride was smooth as glass. Both Joan and I have ridden many thousands of miles since then will great results.


The install on the front couldn't be easier. You simply jack up the front and remove the wheels. Next, you just slide the the balancer over the lug bolts with the ring facing out, making sure it's sitting flat on the hub. Install the wheel and torque to specification and that's it! These can be used over and over and swapped out from one Spyder to another if you change rides. It's important that you DO NOT remove the weights from your wheels before installing the balancer.


For the best results we recommend you use this balancer on all three wheels. You can run front only and when you will change the tire at the back, you can install the back than.The wheel has to be removed to install the rear balancer. So unless you don't mind paying for the labor twice, this would be the most cost effective to do it. On the rear, you will remove the rear rotor and place the the balancer disk on the hub with the ring pointing to the inside on the wheel. Install the rotor on top of the disk and torque bolts to specification. That part of the job should take less than 5 minutes. 


It's important that you DO NOT remove the weights from your wheels before installing the balancer.

This is a Lamonster approved product because we worked hand in hand with Centramatic providing them with everything needed to bring this product to market. We did the field testing with real world feedback and worked with them making changes as needed. We love bringing new products to the market for the Spyder and this is one product every Spyder can use to increase tire life and give you the smoothest ride possible. It's a one time investment that will last as long as you plan on riding your Spyder.  

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