F3 Passenger Black Dymond Gripper Floorboards [All Black Finish]

F3 Passenger Black Dymond Gripper Floorboards [All Black Finish]

Black Dymond Gripper Floorboards are the perfect addition to your F3 Spyder (all models) with factory Pegs.

Board Dimensions: 12" X 5" [30,5cm x 12,7cm]


If you're looking to set your ride apart from all others these show quality boards will do the trick. These are made from a solid chunk of 6061 aircraft aluminum and precision cut on a CNC mill. The Gripper cut assures grip even in the rain like our Gripper pegs. The bottom of the boards are drilled and tapped in three locations for fully adjustable highway brackets. There is nothing like this on the market for your Can Am Spyder.



F3 Black Dymond Gripper Floorboards [All Black Finish] - for RIDER

Link here https://www.martinthevlogger.com/product-page/f3-dymond-gripper-floorboards-b


The price point is very competitive for a part of this quality. The boards come powder coated in a textured black with the option for accent cuts to match our IPS products. These boards are "Lamonster Approved" and are designed and built by riders, not salesmen. If it's not good enough to go on our Spyder it's not good enough for yours either. Lamonster products are fully tested before going to market and if we think we can make it better we will. We strive to hit it out of the park the first time and I think we did with these floorboards.


CLICK HERE for VIDEO how they LOOK like and how to INSTAL them https://youtu.be/8MKjm4Qz0Bg