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Spyder F3 ALL - Tank Mini Bra

Spyder F3 ALL - Tank Mini Bra

Hopnel™ Sewn Products brings wear protection to the Can-Am F3 tank area with their popular Gas Tank Mini Bra and Lower Mini Bra Extension for added protection at the knees.


The unique Hopnel™ mini bras protect the gas tank fairing area from scuffs, zippers and buckle scratches, all while accenting the natural design lines of the Can-Am tank. Added lower bras extend below the mini bra to protect where the knees rides against the tank area making these accessories a great complement to the 2015 and newer F3, F3s, F3T and F3LTD. 


Hopnel™ GAS TANK MINI BRA, For Can-Am F3/S/T/LTD, 2015-Newer, Made in USA


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