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48 WoooW hours in Melbourne

Journey around Australia continues, and we are in Melbourne. This city its just WoooW. WoooW streets, WoooW art, WoooW food, WoooW buildings, WoooW parks, WoooW vibe. This is blog about Melbourne in 48 WoooW hours with POIs and additional information - maps with all POIs at the bottom of this page.

Visited places in the video:

Melbourne Street Art

I am no hipster nor street art guy, I just like nice places and if possible with many colors. This is exactly what you can find anywhere around Hosier and ACDC Lane in Melbourne.

Hosier Lane, Melbourne / @MartinTheVlogger

with its famous and ridiculously expensive beach cabins its one of the things around Melbourne you should not miss. Every year only one or two of them are for sale, and the price is anywhere around $500.000. And yeah, its another colorful place :)

Brighton beach cabins / @MartinTheVlogger

Renting bike

Yes, I know this is not really a place, but rather a tip. We did rent a bike from FREDDY'S BIKE TOURS, and it was a great way to see the city from a different angle. We went to Brighton beach and back by ourselves, but you can also book a tour with them, just make sure you come early in morning or book a bike in advance, because on sunny days it gets busy. No we did not receive bikes for free, we were just happy about the service so I share this business with you.

Riding coastline of Melbourne / @MartinTheVlogger

Its not much to talk about here, about this "show". We were staying across the street so we catch the show. Frankly speaking its just a lot of gas burned without any real atmosphere. If you are around, its OK to see the fire brigade but otherwise, its not really a must. Show hours are in the link at the title.

one of the WoooW things about Melbourne is, that you have nice historical buildings like this St Patrick’s Cathedral in contrast with modern city. When you will be walking there, definitely stop at Fitzroy gardens. They are very close and they are beautiful.

St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne / @MartinTheVlogger

Walking among Yarra

every day we have walked in morning and in afternoon among Yarra river. Its maybe not a thing you intermediately recognize as a must thing, but when I turn back and see the video from Melbourne and our iconic picture from this place, THIS IS MELBOURNE for us. Having fun and relax among Yarra river.

Having fun at Yarra river, Melbourne / @MartinTheVlogger

Below its a map with few extra tips I have not mentioned in blog. Enjoy Melbourne and let me know if this helps you or if you have any questions feel free to ask.


About MartinTheVlogger

I am young, crazy motorbike rider that wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast".

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