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Crazy road to Albania

For many riders, to make +1400km in 36 hours and facing super hot day, hitting almost 40 degrees would be a night mare. I wont lie to you, it was a challenge for my butt, body and my soul. However, once I passed boring highways of Hungary and get thru expensive tolls of Croatia, I have ended up in the land, that was made for me and TheBeast.

If you want to follow the road that you can see in the video and you will be entering the Albania from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, make sure you will not miss following places:

A) Lovorje Croatia - You know, it was one of those days and moments, when you do not plan it, but it happens for some reason. Amazing sundown after long day surrounded by all mighty Mother nature.

Sundown near Lovorje, Croatia / @MartinTheVlogger - TheBeast

B) Donji Zelenikovac, is the place where my intro in video is happening. Honestly I was lost, and the only way I was able to get where I was, was via GPS location stored on my mobile photos. The whole are is just amazing, twisted and abandoned roads that turns into magnificent views around the Trebišnjica river

C) If you are in this area already, your main target is POI (D) on my list, but why not to use this opportunity and pass thru village called Bijelac.

Monastery near Bijelac, Serbia / @MartinTheVlogger - TheBeast

D) From Bijelac, just go straight to Niksic and you will be passing one the best state borders in the world. Have I mention before in the article, the epic views and amazing roads?