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[EN language] MTV Tour 2021 - Lets rYde Europe Together

MTV Tour 2021 is for all Can Am SPYDER and RYKER rYders that would like to explore beautiful Europe with others. It will take place every year in different country and as for 2021 we do start in Slovakia. Why? Because, the main organizer, is MartinTheVlogger and he is very proud Slovak and would like to share the beauty of Slovakia with all of you.

Official part of the tour is from Thursday till Sunday 01. - 04. July, but for those that want to explore bit more, there is EXTENDED version available up to Tuesday 6. July.

MTV Tour 2021 official channels:

All you have to do is:

*Make the reservation for Official (4days) or Extended (6days) Tour

*Pack yourself

*Fill out the tank

and Enjoy.

The rest you can just leave on us !!!

Official Tour date: 01.* - 04. July 2021 Thursday till Sunday

Extended Tour date: 01.* - 06. July Thursday to Tuesday

*Start of the Tour: 01. July in the morning, in Bratislava, Slovakia

Accommodation / Base camp (01-04 July):

Hotel Marlene****, Oscadnica, Slovakia (Hearth of Slovakia)

Located in nature, this cozy wooden style hotel offers much needed relax after long day on the bYke. Breakfast and dinner included served as buffet. Unlimited access to Wellness included.

Accommodation / Extended version after official Tour (04-06 July): to be confirmed, cozy level of accommodation will be maintained!

Registration Ends: 31.March 2021 or after 35 bYkes (SPYDERs / RYKERs) are registered (whatever comes first)

Registration fee: 20% from the total price of the package

In case MTV Tour 2021 will not happen due to COVID19, Full registration fee will be returned!!!



*Event is organized as a group rYding, however tracks and POIs (Points Of Interest) will be shared and everyone is free to rYde on its own.

*Day 2 and Day 3 will have TWO options:

RIDING - more km per day

EXPLORING - little bit less km but visiting Castle & Cave (entrance fees are not included)

*Additional Accommodation in case needed from Wednesday to Thursday in Bratislava, before the tour starts - will be organized based on interest, to get better prices for everyone.

*Accommodation have capacities for disabled rYders, please just let me know to your special conditions.

*If some of you have special diet requirements, please let me know to

Program of the Tour:

Day 1 - From Bratislava to Base Camp in Oscadnica. We will use the scenic roads, see amazing Castles and rYde thru vineyards and historical Villages

Smolenice Castle

One of the roads that we will take, its called Pezinska Baba and it is a MECCA of rYding on the West of Slovakia.

Day 2 - Road around High Tatras - If you say Slovakia, you must think of High Tatras / Vysoke Tatry, our most known and beautiful mountains. We will do a loop around them, and the journey will take a whole day. .

Hight Tatras / Vysoke Tatry

Those that would like to learn a bit more about history, there will be an option to see hill top Orava Castle and do the Tour there.

Orava Caslt and Tour

Day 3 - We will explore also a middle of Slovakia. One stop will be at Slovak traditional Village site - called Museum, but its not really a museum as you think, more of an epic area situated in breathtaking nature. I don't have to mention twisty and curvy roads that leads there, do I?

For those that will want to explore a little bit more and will want to cool down a little, we will visit one cave and we will do a short tour. Caves are one of Slovakia landmarks and you must visit at least one when you are in Slovakia.

We will finish the day around the Largest Castle Complex in Central Europe - Spisky Hrad and we will head back to our base camp.

EXTENDED TOUR continues here

Day 4 - Goal of the day is to get to "capital" city of the East - Kosice. Of course on our way there will be many landmarks to see, and roads to experience. However we will try to arrive to accommodation bit earlier, so we can enjoy the city. Kosice are beautiful historical city that is worth to explore.

Day 5 - We will aim to far far East, to boarders with Ukraine. Nature there and roads that leaves sometimes absolutely nowhere are MUST and one of a kind experience.

We will do a tour around Wooden Churches of Slovak Carpathians - UNESCO world heritage side that apart from amazing scenery, and history also offers great roads to rYde on.

We will finish the day close to the middle of Slovakia and we will enjoy one last night together, before everyone will get on journey back home. Full of new memories and friendships.


Program of the Tour can slightly adjust based, but information will be shared accordingly.


About MartinTheVlogger

I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

©MTV Manufacturing

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