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Epic roads of Orava - place you never Heard of [Riding around Slovakia]

Part #6 from series "Riding around Slovakia" is taking place in the North of Slovakia, area that is called Orava.

In this episode MartinTheVlogger and TheBeast (BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s) has found 7km long, up the hill road, full of sharp corners, chicanes and bumpy straights that are awesome to test the Acceleration and Top speed of TheBeast. What else you will find in this vlog, is adrenaline ride thru the forrest, in Wet, Cold, weather with Done tires and brakes after the whole season. Of course, watching MartinTheVlogger enjoy the road only would not make this motorcycle vlog complete, so I have stop at some amazing places like Oravsky hrad - Orava castle. Visited old village called Zuberec and last not least, I have tried Sulance - Slovak local sweet food. And yeah, statue of Jesus Christ, the same one that is in Rio de Janeiro, almost the same one is in place called Klin. Yup. Klin in Slovakia.

Visited places in video:

Museum of the Orava Village

POI [B] on the map

From Slovakia.Travel

Three kilometres away from Zuberec, at Brestová, a unique open-air Museum of the Orava Village (Múzeum oravskej dediny) can be visited. Over an area of about 20 hectares, and on both sides of the crystal clean Studený potok brook, is a village containing the typical folk buildings moved here from various regions of Orava.

A visitor can see here all kinds of buildings - peasant houses, larders, lumber rooms, farmsteads, shepherd's huts, haylofts, etc.); sacral buildings (a wooden church, cemetery and belfry) and the craftsman's and linen-maker's houses (a Wallachian mill and sawmill, a potter's furnace and fulling mill, etc.).

MartinTheVlogger in Museum of the Orava Village

Orava Castle / Oravsky hrad

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Orava Castle, built on a rock above the river Orava in Oravský Podzámok like an “eagle nest”, is one of the greatest tourist attractions of northern Slovakia. It was built in the place of an older wooden hillfort after the Tartar invasion in 1241. Through the following centuries, this small fortress transformed into an extensive castle structure with 154 rooms

MartinTheVlogger DJI Mavic Air 2 photography

Must take road between Zuberec and Liptovske Matiasovce

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