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Full LED, Super Light, Short Front Fenders by MTV Manufacturing

This is a truly big project, most probably by far the biggest that we as MTV Manufacturing has ever faced. There are lot of ups and even more downs on the road, but no shortcuts are accepted, no compromises are being made. We have an ultimate goal to produce Super Light, Extremely short, Amazing Looking, Full LED front fenders for majority of Can-Am Spyder models [F3, F3s, F3T and RT]. Below is a list of mayor events that has occurred during development of this amazing project together with current stage <- this will be updated as we will move ahead.

Why we are doing this, and how you can become one of three spyder rYders in the world to Pre-Test these amazing front fenders?

Most recent Photo Update September 2020

TheBeast [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s] & Prototype 2.0. Shart front fenders by MTV Manufacturing

September - May 2021

Prototype 2.0 with "fake" LEDs is printed and tested in traffic. Major challenges to be done:

A) Re-design area where frame meets fender

B) Adjust the back of the fender to be without sharp angles - partially result of point A

C) Re-design connection bay area between fender and frame

D) LEDs - find solution towards LEDs itself and material around them and implement electrical scheme inside of fenders.

Points A,B,C will lead to prototype 2.1 implementation of point C will lead to Prototype 3.0

July - September 2020

Frames / holders for front fenders are being made by metal laser cutting technology. Several attempts has been done till the final version is being tested on the road.

Prototype 1.0 is being printed using 3D printing technology and PETG material. Frankly speaking the results are not as expected and lot of design changes will need to be done in future.

MTV Manufacturing Short Front Fenders Prototype 1.0

May - July 2020

3D Visualization of "body" and frame

In the late May, in cooperation with 3D studio from Slovakia, adjusted version of design is made [version 3.1]. Main focus is on the frame itself with following areas:

A) Design with sporty look with minimal air resistance

B) Dead weight reduction - done by applying holes that saved 2/5 of the total weight

C) Strength

Idea is Born

The idea about Full LED, Super Light, Short Front Fenders is born. First Pictures are visualized and Martin starts to ride without front fenders on TheBeast [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].


©MTV Manufacturing

BRP Can-Am Spyder F3, F3s, F3T, RT and Ryker accessories & Petrol-head apparel [Ride it like you Stole it]

Made by Passion and Hard work by @MartinTheVlogger


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