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I have build THE HANDLING MONSTER in SIX YEARS| Can Am Motorcycles Accessories and Parts

Here is the true story with TIPS and TRICKS and few personal points of view over the project that took me six years to finish. It took me that long, not because I did not have money, or I did not have time, it took me six years because I was riding my Can Am Spyder F3s and experiencing what I need, what I miss and what I must do next. Some upgrades I knew what I was doing, some came to me as just a pure luck and matter of coincidence, some I just read some opinions so I gave it a try.

In this video vlog you will hear my point of view, my opinions and all the upgrades I have done,. After the video you can see all the parts and links to them, where to buy them.

Links to US websites where to buy these things you can find at the bottom of the article

UPGRADE ON BRAKES - I will make a full new article about them / where to get them all the pros and const etc. August/September 2021

BajaRon or H&R SWAYBAR will make a world of difference that you can feel right from the first turn, and every time you round a curve in the road, pass a big truck or ride in crosswinds. All without affecting front end alignment, ride height, or giving your Spyder a harsh or stiff ride.

Going with SPRING or whole SHOCK upgrade is your call, but I recommend to do one or another. In the front changing the springs has pros in better price and no need of serviceing the shocks later. Changing the whole SHOCK is more of a "professional" upgrade. In the back you must go with WIlbers or Elka aftermarket shocks, as there is no other option avaliable. In case you want Wilbers shocks, please write me to

There has been said a lot about tires and at the end of the day, ou will make your own decission on the tires, that fits your riding style and wallet. I do ride with Kenda KR 20 and I will continue to do so, unless there will be anything else better on the market.

As for the Rims, yes less weight its a plus and if I am talking about creating a HANDLING monster, it is part fo the project. However I think RIMS will stay more of a style upgrade than really a handling performance upgrade.

Have you ever noticed that you BRP Can Am Spyder is slower when you are riding two up? Have you ever noticed that your Can-Am Spyder do behave differently in the corners when you are riding alone and when with passenger. Why it is so? The extra weight is one thing, but the real reason is under the passenger seat. How to trick the bike, or how to trick the Nanny, you will find out in this new vlog.

What the Throttle response unit does? It will make your bYke more responsive, more faster, more jouful. No it is not the same as you hit the trottle faster with the wrist, it will not work, as you have electric throttle and the bike will not give you the whole power avaliable. Only with this unit it will work, and this helps me to enjoy the corner more, play with throttle better and have better feeling over TheBeast

Visit the Largest European Shop for Can Am SPYDER & RYKER motorcycle parts and accessories

Links to items on the US shop:

SPRINGS - TO USA write me to - I have springs located in US as well

FIX PUSH BUTTON - only available at

BRAKE kit upgrade will be only available on MARTINTHEVLOGGER.COM

For the throttle response unit please search PEDALCOMMANDER in case you dont want to buy PEDALBOX from


About MartinTheVlogger I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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