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Most Frequent ISSUES with Can Am Spyder | Motorcycles problems

In this Motorcycle Vlog MartinTheVlogger reveals all of the Most common ISSUES and Troubles that Can Am Spyder Motorcycles has. I have done more than 80.000km with TheBeast [ BRP Can Am Spyder F3s ] since 2015 and many of the issues are my own experience. Some of them came to me, as I am SpyderLover and people do share their stories with me quite often.

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1 - Check from time to time if your connectors to Battery and tight correctly.

2 - If you spot a leak under Can Am Spyder under the front trunk, it may be caused by leaking cooling fluid. There are most likely two things that can cause this.

  • Cracked reservoir

  • Coolant / radiator hose or clamp is bad

3 - Squeaking brakes - well, they will squeak and you need to just ride them. Once you overcook the rotors, and they are waved, it aint gonna be better.

Try maybe EBC brake pads, try brake cleaner or stay tune on Big ass brakes by MartinTheVlogger

4 - Loosing Mirror plastics on F3T and or RT2020+

My suggestion is to buy . You can complian as much as you want, you can leave it on the dealer to constantly give you a new plastic as you loose it, or you can invest 20 Eur to fix the issue. Yes its not fair,. Life sometimes its not fair...

5 - Flying plastic where the oil level is hidden on F3, F3s and F3T models. There is not much you can do,. just make sure you have properly closed it.! rather double check once you have play with that part, as this one piece is 120$

6 - Hand Brake/ Parking brake issue - it wont release - If this happends to you right now, and you have no tools around you,. let the bike cool down,. try to apply brake pressure,. turn the key to starting position and pray.

7 - Bad KEY message - if this happends to you right now, and you are struggling, all I can tell you is to keep on trying - insert the key, put it to starting position, turn on and off the red power button, let the bike cool down for 3 min and insert the key turn it on, turn it off, and repeat and repeat and repeat. Once we needed to do this for 40mins to make it work.

If you are comfortably at home, BRP will need to either reprogram the keys or change the hole ignition box.

8 - Red Dust - so many articles about this topic. The fact is, you need to chenge the front sprocket on your own costs. BRP will not deal with it in respect to warranty. The part numbers you will need are: new sprocket (part number #705503239) and new flanged bolt (part number #250001017)

9 - FIX push button - the nanny will turn off the power thru corners when you have anything on the seat, behind you. One of the solutions is FIXED PUSH BUTTON - click here:

10 - Fuel cap wont close,. sometimes even the more pressure wont help. Permanent solution is:

11 - Belt vibrations at 100-130kmh [62-80mph] this issue is caused by missing belt tensioner. Newer models do have it, some models dont. Be careful, the roller that is ion the belt tensioner needs to be changed every 20-30.000km

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TheBeast: BRP CanAm Spyder F3s, 2015, Rotax engine 1330cc,

Upgrades: K&N Filter, Wilbers Shocks,

MTV Manufacturing Brake Eyes, MTV Manufacturing Frame Protector, MTV Manufacturing Stone Chip Protector

Bajaron Swaybar, ECU Upgrade/remap, SlingMods LED fog lights,

Wolo Bad Boy Air horn


About MartinTheVlogger I am crazy motorbike rider, who wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast" [BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s].

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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