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Key & Ignition Box Cover

At MTV Manufacturing we have a dream. We want to build a Key cover that will finally be a proper aftermarket key cover for all BRP Can Am Spyder owners, with great look, quality and with a tiny hole to use it with a key chain.

Of course making "just" a key cover at price that will not ruin smaller company, would be a tiny challenge and work just half done. Therefore we have came with a complete look transformation for a Key and Ignition Cover box.

Latest Update 04 December 2020: We have Ignition Key Box cover almost ready - we call it internally a Whirlpool :) However a Turbine we think may be a better name for selling :)

Few prototypes are at testing of durability, and few has been send to hydro-graphic shop to apply carbon look to see the outcome.

Tiny touches towards final printing quality and look needs to be corrected and we are ready to roll.

As for the Key cover, 3D technology its not suitable for production of such part. We are now testing the production from combination of various metals. This part will take longer to be done, but we aim for January/February final product.

MTV Manufacturing 3D Can Am Key design - first option

In case you have any ideas how to make the production better, or you want to help us,

MTV Manufacturing packaging and Turbine for Can Am Spyder

©MTV Manufacturing

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