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KOTT Grilles for Can Am Spyder RT| Can Am Motorcycles Accessories

When I did a review about new BRP Can Am Spyder RT 2020 back in July 2020 I fell in love with the new look. The size of that motorcycle, luxuriousness, Aero package that keeps you away from wind and rain, its just epic.

BRP Can Am Spyder RT 2020 Limited

In the front to be super hones, I have had mixed feelings about the Lights area which I dont find that interesting, but on other side I absolutely loved the front grill area with massive open radiators.

But my super positive feeling was put back to reality when i noticed how many flies i have collected just on the first 200km. And my next question to myself was, what about rocks, plastic bags and other dirt? So one thing is to get home from weekend ride and clean the radiators, other thing is to put them on risk when you will be collecting rocks and debris from the road.

Amount of Flies and dirt after 200km long journey on BRP Can Am Spyder RT 2020 Limited

So after this, its a no brainier I wanted to have a solution for this on my shop, what is at the moment The Largest European Shop for Can Am Spyder & Ryker motorcycles parts and accessories -

Here are photos of the latest installation of the KOTT grilles and Vents by our customer Stefan on his brand new BRP Can Am Spyder RT 2021

These are called KOTT Grilles [Keep Out The Trash] and they are well known in the US also for its usage for 2014 and more up to date RT models. On the New RT model they goes well in design with new Vent Grilles. What is however the most important is that not only the look is awesome but also the purpose is fulfilled. No more cleaning of the flies and dirt from the deep inside of your motorbike and no more "worried" feeling that you may end up destroying those radiators, that I am sure will be not a cheap part to replace. Also the aerodynamics is made to turn the dirt away - so it should avoid you from collecting plastic bags and other items that can cause a trouble on a warm days in the radiator area.

Get your KOTT grilles:

KOTT Grilles for BRP Can Am Spyder RT2020+

Vent Grilles 2020+ models, that fits the complex design:

KOTT Grilles for BRP Can Am Spyder RT 2014-2019

Visit the Largest European Shop for Can Am SPYDER & RYKER motorcycle parts and accessories


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In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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