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One day on Fraser Island

Our journey around Australia continues on Fraser Island, where we have booked the trip called "long day on Fraser Island" with the coolest 4x4 car on the planet - Suzuki Jimny.

The company we have used is called Aussie Trax, link is here. As we have found out, that this is a family business and these guys are on Fraser for ages. But at the end of the day what matters the most is their approach towards us and condition of our car. Both has been great. Well the little Suzuki has seem the better days, but this is actually what you do need on sand Island like this. Good old car, that works.

I am 2 meter tall, whale size guy and Katka is skinny tall girl, and this car was more than enough for us. Of course you can go for more "posh" and bigger car, but for 1 days trip, it is not necessary. The car can cope up with sand and water absolutely with no problem. If you want to go for longer time, Its probably better to have bigger car, as you may need a place for tent, and food and other stuff.

Is it safe to drive on Fraser? Isn't it better to go with the group? Well, frankly speaking, you need to have some driving skills as the sand can be quite tricky. But in general it is safe to drive on Fraser, if you follow the rules. When you come to Fraser, in our case the Aussie Trax has explained all the DOs and DONTs in quite old and little bit long video.

We have seen the groups in busses, groups in bigger vans for 7/9 people, also plane tours. All of these has one thing in common, you will never be free. And that is what Fraser Island is about. To be free, to experience the driving on beach, to stop and see what you want whenever you want.

Katka and MartinTheVlogger / Lake McKenzie Fraser Island

The only advantage of organised tour is the price. Renting a car on Fraser Island with Aussie Trax will cost you about 580$ plus you need to count with quite expensive fuel that you will burn. This price includes two way ticket on ferry, car for one day and some insurance.

Katka and MartinTheVlogger / old shipwreck Fraser Island

Is it worth to be on Fraser longer than 1 day? Well yes, and no. I know you didn't want to hear this, but it come down to what you really want to see and how much time you have for your travel around Australia. If you like camping, if you like nature, if you really want to see every corner of Fraser, than stay for 2 days. Definitely in 1 day you cannot do for example Champagne pools, and some other attractions that are on other side of the Island, and are worth. I know it, because I have been to Fraser Island also like 13years ago, and I did stay on the Island in the camp.

What was the highlight for us? Lake McKenzie was great and Katka loved it. Be prepared that it can be super hot there, so bring some shade with you if possible. For me it was the driving experience and the views from behind the wheel on the beach. The shipwreck? Well its old ship on the beach, so dont expect a lot from it. Overall, I think if you are in this part of the world, you must visit Fraser!!! Otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life.


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