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Ride it like you stole it

Pezinska Baba is the most notorious up-hill road in Slovakia, very well known for all car and motorbike enthusiasts. It is 5.3 km long regular public road just 20 min of driving from capital city of Slovakia - Bratislava. It contains many +100 degrees curves, quick chicanes and tricky corners. Can TheBeast dominate this track?

Video: Its super early in the morning, the riding season has not started. Its just me (MartinTheVlogger) and TheBeast - the most legendary BRP Can Am Spyder F3s in the World.

Additional information about TheBeast

Model: Can Am Spyder F3s

Production year: 2015 - The Beast is very first F3s delivered to Europe

Engine: Rotax 1330 ACE in-line 3 cylinders

Power: 113hp (86kw) @ 7250 RPM - before upgrades

Power & Handling upgrades: D-cat Lamonster Pipe, Akrapovic Exhaust, K&N Air Filter, ECU re-map, Wilbers front and rear shocks, EBC break pads, Bajaron sway-bar, PPA 16" wheels

TheBeast BRP Can Am Spyder F3s / @MartinTheVlogger

Below is the map from the place "Pezinska Baba". You can ride the uphill road from both sides. But the "true" experience and official uphill racetrack starts at the point "A" and finishes up in the middle of the track, where is the highest point of the road.


About MartinTheVlogger

I am young, crazy motorbike rider that wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast".

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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