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Riding around Slovakia #2 [Castles and epic Roads]

Part #2 from new series "Riding around Slovakia" is taking place in Trnava region - called after the largest city in this area of Slovakia.

In this episode MartinTheVlogger and TheBeast (BRP Can-Am Spyder F3s) will show you epic roads and several beautiful castles like Smolenice castle and Červený Kameň. Martin will also stop at The Manor house in Budmerice and Dolná Krupá, where the beautiful park with the giant sequoia tree is. Also dont forget that this is vlog about riding in Slovakia, so beautiful roads are also present.

Map with roads taken and POIs visited, you will find at the bottom of this post.

Visited places in video:

The road starts in small city / village of Modra. This region is known for good vine, and therefore many locals do sell their vine and related products from their typical old village houses. POI (a) on the map. I love this place and I choose it to start my road with TheBeast here. On the way you can see a lot of old colourful houses, many vine barrels used as "monuments" and basically almost anything, that has something to do with the production of the vine.

or Red Rock castle - as I have translate it in the video, is very first castle in the video POI (b) on the map. Not only it is very preserve castle, but also the area around it, is absolutely beautiful. Go there on a sunny day, and make sure you have pick-nick basket with you. Few short curvy roads in the forest are as a small cherry on the top of chocolate cake.

Red Rock castle / Červený Kameň hrad
Červený Kameň Castle / @MartinTheVlogger

True fairytale castle. If you want to visit this place, then you will need to walk by yourself to the top of small hill. No more comments needed, you can see it on the video, that it is one amazing castle to see. POI (c) on the map

Smolenice Castle in Trnava region, Slovakia
Smolenice castle / @MartinTheVlogger

Epic Road

In between POI (c) and (d) Smolenice to Plavecky Mikulas - there is great road to take. Actually one, I talk about in the video. Its not super long, but in case of no trafic you can really enjoy it.

The Manor House Budmerice We have skip POIs (e) / (f) / (g) on the map. Actually point (e) is where the the Cairn of Milan Rastislav Stefanik is. Its a nice place to visit in case you have some extra time left.

POI (h) is where The Manor House in Budmerice is. Very nice historical place situated in calm park. The manor house in Dolná Krupá Is the last stop on the journey. Building itsself is not that spectacular as the previous POIs, but what makes this place unique is its park with many different plants from around the World. If you have time, make sure to stop next to old giant sequoia.

TheBeast and its upgrades

BRP CanAm Spyder F3s 2015,

Rotax engine 1330cc, K&N Filter, Wilbers Shocks, Lamonster pipe, Bajaron Swaybar, Akrapovic Exhaust, ECU Upgrade/remap, SlingMods LED fog lights,

BRP CanAm Spyder F3s in Modra, Slovakia
TheBeast & @MartinTheVlogger

About MartinTheVlogger

I am young, crazy motorbike rider that wants to travel the World with his bYke also known as "TheBeast".

In my vlogs you will find interesting places, epic drone videos, crazy moments and lot of fun and relax atmosphere.

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