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Sydney city & beaches

Sydney and its iconic Opera house, Sydney and its beaches, Sydney and amazing people, Sydney and relaxed atmosphere, Sydney and my most favourite walk from Maroubra via Coogee to Bondi beach, Sydney and Darling Harbour, Sydney and NYE. All of this you will find in my vlog, but if you want to find out little bit more, below are few extra things good that are worth to know.

If you plan your trip to Sydney, make sure you will do the walk from Maroubra to Bondi beach. No, No, No guys, dont start at Coogee, go to Maroubra and start to walk from there.

Here on this map you can find all the POIs we have visited in the video and also some extra.

Watching surfers at Maroubra beach / @MartinTheVlogger

Places you must visit on the walk from Maroubra to Bondi are Mahon Pool, Coogee beach, Bronte (best place to have Fish and Chips on your way POI in the map) and Tamarama beach (the nicest beach to have swim at). I will leave it up to you, if you will go all the way up to Bondi beach. For me as a Coogee boy, I cannot go to Bondi. It is the same reason, why real Formula1 Mercedes fan will never cheer for Ferrari, beer guy will not drink vine or.... I think you wgot it.

Katka at Bronte beach, Sydney

Sydney is definitely about Opera house and The Bridge. There are some great options, how to see these two icons from the land and from the water. My favourite "cheap" option is to take the ferry from Circular Quay and go to Sydney Taronga Zoo, or Manly beach or just got to Darling Harbour.

However, if you can afford to spend around $100 p.p. I do suggest to go on Dinner cruise. We paid for it, or better say, we have receive it as a present from Katka's sister - so I want to say, that this is no promotion of something we received for free.

I will sum up our experience like this: 6 course meal, beer and vine, nice vibe and amazing views over Sydney at night while seating at your table and having night of your life. Here is the link to Cruise we have been on.

Sydney opera house at night / @MartinTheVlogger

During our one day Sydney city walk, we have visited centre of #LGBTI community, the famous Oxford street. if you want to find this rainbow crossing you must walk towards Taylor Square. Again you can find this POI in the move above.

Rainbow crossing at Oxford street, Sydney / @MartinTheVlogger

Great place to be and spend some relax time is in Darling harbour. Make sure you will use the Pyrmonth bridge and have some coffee and amazing ice cream at one of many bars/ restaurants.

Having fun at Darling Harbour, Sydney / @MartinTheVlogger

Do I have to mention Hyde park & Botanic gardens, Queen Victoria Building known as QVB, Town hall? Places that are simply a must go places! if you have some extra time, plan it in the way, that you will have your lunch on the grass in the Botanic gardens or in Hyde park. Its just soooo awesome and super relaxing.

Sydney and New Years Eve (NYE in Sydney)

I will be not lying and I will tell you the truth. Its horror. But, I did it for Katka, as she wanted to see it, and to be honest, the fireworks are really amazing. But still, be prepared for shit lot of patience, few hours of waiting and pain in the back. We have bought ticket to spot called Bradfield park with other like 10.000 ppl. Organisation and travel with metro back to Coogee after the midnight was super smooth. If you have kids, Sydney have also fireworks at 21:00 for families that are almost as spectacular as the main one at midnight. Last info, some people will spend whole day sitting in their beach chairs on their spots waiting for midnight to come. Dont piss them off!!! Also be little bit understanding, its their highlight and all they want is to enjoy it the beast they can. We have arrived to Bradfield park at about 22:15, we have walked to some decent spot and saw the fireworks happening from The Bridge, from Opera house and few other locations. We came, we saw, we conquered :)

Other things to do in Sydney or better say around the Sydney. I would love to take Katka to Blue Mountains, but as the situation was in January of 2020 with all the bushfires around, it was simply not possible. But if you will have some extra time, go there, its really nice place to be.

If you want to do something closer, and you are more of an beach type of guys, go to Manly or Palm beach. We went all the way to Whale beach - beach that fits my size :)

@MartinTheVlogger at the pool of his size

If you have any questions, write them here to comments, or catch up with me on social media. And remember, Always have Fun #MartinTheVlogger


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