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10-DAYS Lets rYde MONTENEGRO Together with MartinTheVlogger September 2024

10-DAYS Lets rYde MONTENEGRO Together with MartinTheVlogger September 2024

Tickets for 10-DAYs TOUR Lets rYde MONTENEGRO Together 2024 with MartinTheVlogger as VIP Tour guide. 08-17 of September 2024


Early Bird Discount - ALL BOOKINGS until 28.Jananuary 2024 will automatically gets

10% Discount on Tour packages

5% Discount on Rental packages

Prices below in description are without implemented discounts


Two options to participate:

  • Bring / ride your own Can-Am Spyder or Ryker
  • Rent Spyder or Ryker from us with pick up & drop off in Sarajevo or in Bratislava, Slovakia (next to Vienna Airport)


This is our 2nd Year we do organize this MartinTheVlogger Adventure Tour in Montenegro and Maximum number of tickets / packages is only 13 to make sure we deliver personal and TOP Notch service to our guests.


In 2024 we have add 2 more days to this trip and we will Start and Finish the journey in Sarajevo - Bosnia & Herzegovina


Tickets are in Two Main Categories:

  • Bring your Own SPYDER and RYKER and Join the Tour
  • Rent SPYDER or RYKER and Join Tour


More info about:

  • Accommodation
  • Day by Day itinerary / schedules / distance per day
  • What is included and what is not
  • POIs (Points of Interest) we will visit



UPDATE: Avaliable Bikes for rent as info from October 2024

  • 2x Free Can-Am RYKER 900 Rally and 900
  • 2x Free Can-Am SPYDER F3s Special Series
  • 2x Free F3 Limited Special Series
  • 3x Free RT20+ Sea to Sky and Limited


This event contains 1400-1600km of riding on scenic twisty roads.

MartinTheVlogger plans Days full with riding from morning to the late afternoon with brakes at POIs to enjoy the views and atmosphere. The Tour is planned as relaxed group riding.

Video from Montenegro 2023 - comming shortly


This is Non-Refundable payment of 500,- Eur for single BIKE

In case of Booking for 2 Bikes please BUY two TICKETS!



Non-Refundable means we will not return you money in case of cancelation at any moment from the moment of booking.

Remaining amount due based on the option you choose, is to be paid in full in first week of JUN 2024.

Amount of 500 / 1000 eur will be deducted from the total value


Remainig payment can be done via Bank transfer, REVOLUT payment or WISE with 0% extra fees.

PayPal payment of amout due in JUN 2024, extra 5% for PayPal fees will be added to your payment from the amount due.


We will contact you usually within 24/48h to find out more info, answer all questions and book you TICKET / Package you want.

Feel free to write us questions in advance to or to

What is Included in Tour package:
  • Accomodation with Breakfast from 8th to 17th of September & HALFBOARD on 10-13.September
  • Skadar Lake boat trip - included
  • MartinTheVlogger as your VIP group tourguide with day to day tours and scenic roads
  • Rent of SPYDER or RYKER included in case you choose this package


What is NOT Included:
  • Gas and other tickets to POIs that we will visit
  • Dinners appart from HalfBoard 10-13 Sept (3-nights), Lunch, Drinks
  • Day 8 - extra activity / Rafting or Off-roading

  • Accommodation for extra days before or after tour if needed


"Extra" What is NOT Included for packages with RYKER or SPYDER Rent

  • Insurance is 30,- Eur per day. Liability is up to first 750,- Eur of damage / Without Insurance Liability is 5000,- Eur per bike


Price of Tour package
  • Bring your Own SPYDER and RYKER and Join the Tour

ONE person riding 1 x Can-Am, single room = 2.199,- Eur

ONE person riding + ONE Passenger 1x Can-Am, double room = 2.599,- Eur

TWO person riding 2x Can-Am, double room = 2.899,- Eur


  • Rent SPYDER or RYKER and Join Tour

Riding alone

  • RYKER 900 or 900 Rally /One up riding/ = 1560,- Eur

  • SPYDER F3s Special Series /One up riding/ = 2400,- Eur

  • SPYDER F3 Limited Special Series /One up riding/ = 2400,- Eur

  • SPYDER RT20+ Limited/Sea to Sky /One up riding/ = 2700,- Eur


    Riding with Passenger

    • SPYDER F3 Limited Special Series /TWO UP/ = 2800,- Eur
    • SPYDER RT20+ Limited/Sea to Sky /TWO UP/ = 3150,- Eur

    *When Renting Can-Am price of the Tour is Calculated as TOUR PACKAGE OPTION + RENT OF Can-Am.


    Excluding VAT
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