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1330 Oil Change Kit SPYDER

1330 Oil Change Kit SPYDER

This is the Kit for all 1330 Can-Am Spyder models

1x 3.785 Liter

1x 0.946 Liter

It is required to have 4,7 liter for 1330cc engines when you not changing the transmission filter.


Get the most out of your 3-wheel motorcycle and stay away from the mechanic thanks to Can-Am's selection of premium Oil Change Kits, optimized for your Can Am SPYDER.

These kits contain XPS Synthetic Blend Oil, Hiflofiltro Premium Oil Filters, o-rings, and washer


Compatible: CAN AM SPYDER, F3,F3-S,F3-T,F3-LTD 2015+. RT,RT-S,RT-LTD 2014+. 


Oil is OEM product by BRP and XPS

Oil Filter is Aftermarket part & we have add it to this kit because of its better performance compared to stock filter.


Read More about HiFlofiltro Premium Oil Filter - here


We recomend to add if you dont have this at home:


With this Kit and Do it at home you can save around 100 Eur in every oil change

MartinTheVlogger experience on changing oil on 1330 engines: I first change my oil at 2.500km, than at 7.500km and ever since I do not go over 10.000km with same oil,. I value my bYke and I protect it as much as possible.

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