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2025 Registration is OPEN GrossGlockner Challange with MartinTheVlogger

2025 Registration is OPEN GrossGlockner Challange with MartinTheVlogger

Registration for GrossGlockner with MartinTheVlogger 2025 is now OPEN


Register and Secure your ticket today and be part of an epic adventure in June 2025! While the exact dates are pending confirmation from BRP, we assure you that this 6-day journey will be an unforgettable experience for semi-advanced and advanced riders. (This tour is not suitable for beginner riders.)


Optional: Based on Individual request we can prolong the Tour for anopther 3-4 days to Slovenia to conquere epic mountain passes or to Slovakia to explore Slovak History and breath-taking nature


Available Bikes for Rent:

  • RYKER: 2x (One-up riding only)
  • SPYDER F3s: 2x (One-up riding only)
  • F3 Limited: 2x (One-up or two-up riding)
  • RT20+: 3x (One-up or two-up riding) - SOLD OUT


What's Included in the Tour Package:

  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Accommodation with half-board during the GrossGlockner event (3 nights)
  • 6-day rental of a SPYDER or RYKER
  • GrossGlockner Event ticket (approx. €200 per person)
  • High Alpine Road ticket (approx. €35 per bike)
  • Eagles Nest ticket (approx. €35 per person)
  • Guided tours and scenic rides led by MartinTheVlogger


What is NOT included:

  • Extra insurance reducing damage liability from €5000 to €1500 (€30,- Eur per day per bike)
  • Gas, parking and speed tickets


Tour Package Prices:

RYKER - One-up Riding ONLY / Single Occupancy

  • 1 person riding 1x RYKER, single room: €2.443,- Eur


SPYDER F3s Special Series - One-up Riding ONLY / Single Occupancy

  • 1 person riding 1x SPYDER F3s Special Series, single room: €2.821,- Eur


SPYDER F3 Limited Special Series

  • 1 person riding 1x SPYDER F3 Limited Special Series, single room: €2.929,- Eur
  • 2 people riding 1x SPYDER F3 Limited Special Series, double room: €3.624,- Eur


SPYDER RT20+ Limited / Sea to Sky

  • 1 person riding 1x RT20+, single room: €3,091,- Eur
  • 2 people riding 1x RT20+, double room: €3.786,- Eur


All our Can-Am motorcycles are upgraded to MartinTheVlogger standards, featuring better suspension, enhanced handling, comfort options, and extra items to ensure an enjoyable ride.


Important Information:

  • We will contact you within 24-48 hours after the Down Payment is made to find out what Tour Ticket you want to secure.
  • Non-Refundable Down Payment: €500 (This is not a full payment. The remaining amount is due in March 2025. The €500 will be deducted from the total value.)
  • Payment Methods: Bank transfer, REVOLUT, or WISE (0% extra fees). PayPal payments in March 2025 will incur an additional 5% fee.


How to Contact Us:

For any questions about our tours or to arrange a custom-made tour just for you, feel free to contact us at or +421 911 944 669. We typically respond within 24-48 hours.


Video from BRP GrossGlockner 2023 - CLICK HERE

Video from BRP GrossGlockner 2024 - CLICK HERE


Program Day-by-Day:

  • Day 1: Welcome Day in Bratislava, Slovakia – Collection of Spyder or Ryker, final adjustments, walking tour in the late afternoon.
  • Day 2: From Bratislava to the Alps – Early morning ride to Altmunster via scenic and private roads.
  • Day 3: Eagles Nest + Event Registration – Visit Eagles Nest, enjoy scenic routes among lakes and rivers, and register for the event.
  • Day 4: ROTAX Factory Tour (subject to availability) and scenic roads.
  • Day 5: GrossGlockner High Alpine Road – Epic scenic roads and photo opportunities.
  • Day 6: Return to Bratislava using MartinTheVlogger's secret private roads.


Join us for an adventure of a lifetime! Secure your spot now and ride with MartinTheVlogger through the majestic landscapes of GrossGlockner and Slovenia.

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