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2x BLACK MATTE Dymond Detailer (Non Aerosol)

2x BLACK MATTE Dymond Detailer (Non Aerosol)

New 473ml Bullet / Spray Bottle.

This Pack comes as 2x 473ml bottle


We've been waiting a long time for this but we now have a special formula based off of Lamonster Garage Black Dymond Detailer that's made for matte finishes. This is the ONLY formula that actually works without greasiness and streaking on flat finishes, plus the versatility to use on clear coat paint, windshields, chrome accessories, thus the Name----Matte Magic.



Spray on every surface with no white over spray or greasy film. Black Dymond is non- streaking and leaves no oily residue.


Black Dymond Detailer is extremely durable and provides protection from dirt accumulation, acid rain and ultraviolet rays.  Bugs and road film are easily removed from paint (clear coat), windscreens, face shields, plastics, goggles, vinyl and chrome.


Black Dymond Detailer contains no petroleum distillates, ammonia or alcohol and is manufacturer approved for use on Factory Coated Windscreens, face shields, Lexan, Plexiglas, Acrylics & plastic.  Black Dymond will provide a water repellant shine.  The water will “bead and blow” from windshields, face shields, riding goggles or glasses.  

It is safe on custom paint, murals, pinstriping, and vinyl graphics.


  • For best results spray as if you were painting with a paint can. Spot spray only on tough areas.

  • Simply spray and wipe one area at a time to remove road dirt, film and bugs from all surfaces. Great for use as a “touch up” between washing and polishing.

  • For best results, wipe with a quality clean microfiber or 100% cotton towel.  Black Diamond Detailer is streak free as long as you keep the wipe towel fresh. If streaking occurs, you should replace the soiled towel.


We use it in MartinTheVlogger bYke shop as well !!!!


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