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F3-T / F3-LTD Freedom windshield

F3-T / F3-LTD Freedom windshield

When we first saw this shield on a F3T  we knew it was a winner. This shield looks better than stock and gives you better wind protection than stock, without looking out of place or oversized.


Freedom shields for the Can-Am Spyder are a LAMONSTER GARAGE exclusive and MartinTheVogger Online Shop Exclusive in Europe.

Everyone comments on what a great looking shield it is. The polished edges, and precise fit really show the pride FREEDOM takes in its products. You'll stand out in a crowd with a FREEDOM windshield. 


Windshield size, Your stock windshield is 12" = 30,48cm  so if you measure up from the bottom center of your stock shield 

15", 17", 19" = 38cm, 43,2cm 48,26cm that will give you the height you would have with these shields. 

This windshield comes with 4 stainless replacement washers with a rubber backing that holds up much better than the stock washers. 


Fits All F3-T and F3 Limited, - Will NOT fit the standard F3 / F3-S

Material: Premium high impact modified acrylic - very durable - 5 Year Warrant (same material used around hockey rinks)
D.O.T. Approved - Exceeds industry and D.O.T. standards
UV protection - shield will not discolor or haze from the sun or weather



    PriceFrom €358.99
    Excluding VAT
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