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Accent Cut / Spyder F3 Keyless Fuel Cap Assembly

Accent Cut / Spyder F3 Keyless Fuel Cap Assembly

The Spyder F3 Keyless Fuel Cap is a premium upgrade for your Can-Am Spyder F3, F3s, F3T, or F3 Limited motorcycle.


Made from durable 6061 billet aluminum and machined to exact specifications, this fuel cap assembly is built to last a lifetime. The anodized finish adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that it will retain its sleek look for years to come.


This keyless fuel cap provides the convenience of not having to carry around a key and giving an envious look at the gas station. It comes in all black or accent cut options, so you can choose the one that best complements the style of your bike. Installation is easy and straightforward, with the supplied special tool. Once installed, you'll never have to replace it again. It's a perfect addition to your motorcycle, offering both style and durability.



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