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Can-Am Ryker Tail Light - Fits All RYKERs

Can-Am Ryker Tail Light - Fits All RYKERs

This Kit works as PLUG and PLAY when you would like to remove your REAR fender on your Can-Am RYKER.

This Kit also can work with keeping your rear fender and it will give you much needed extra visibility, when brake-ing, when turning or simply just rYding - follow the instructions how to here:


OPTIONAL 1: Easy Installation Optional Kit are extra cables and they do come with video manual how to connect them!!!


OPTIONAL 2: You can now remove your rear fender and add this custom build license plate for Can-Am RYKERs - CLICK HERE


What you need to have in order to mount this kit is MAX Mount from BRP.

This Can-Am Ryker Tail lights works as:

  • Rear Day Light
  • Brake Light
  • Turn Light Signal

- Brightest LEDs in the market
- Made in the NRC facility in New York

    PriceFrom €172.20
    Excluding VAT
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