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RYKER - Wilbers Front Shocks - COMPETITION 633

RYKER - Wilbers Front Shocks - COMPETITION 633

These Shocks will fit to all BRP Can Am RYKER models - Ryker 900, Ryker 900 Rally and Ryker Sport.


With pivoting compression tank.


The high quality Adjustline mono shock absorber was the inspiration for the Wilbers twin shocks. Here again only best components are integrated and because of Wilbers unit assembly system special-length or –requirements are no problem.


Recomended to change the rear shock as well, but its not a must!

RYKER - Wilbers Rear Shocks


With Wilbers shock type 633, every installation is possible because the compression can be turned for up to 360° and therefore it can fit to any place, even areas with tight cut covers or place with little space around. Best materials care for best Wilbers quality at the best price performance ratio! Product may vary from picture.


Every Shock is CUSTOM made for individual customer. Please allow 14-19 days for production PLUS Shipping time.


When you make a purchase, we will contact you with following questions, or you can send answers to these questions with reference of your order umber to

- Model and Year of your bYke

- How heavy is the rider - kg or lbs

- How often in % you ride Solo compared to 2 up riding

- How heavy is the passenger - kg or lbs

- How heavy are the bags when loaded or how much of extra load you cary for your touring trips - kg or lbs

- How often in % you ride with extra bags / load in %

All of the answers will Wilbers take into consideration and will CUSTOM Build a shock for you.


There are 3 color options avaliable:

  • Black Line or Blue Line
  • Night Line for additional color upgrade fee


Product may vary from picture.

    PriceFrom €1,525.00
    Excluding VAT
    Color Option
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