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F3 and 2020+ RT Handlebar Riser

F3 and 2020+ RT Handlebar Riser

The "Original" F3/RT Handlebar Riser!!! Will work on all F3S/F3T/and F3 Limited (expect dragbars) and Will work on all 2020- Present RT and RT Limited


Words from Lamonster: When we received our 2020 RT we saw a couple of things we really wanted to change right away. One thing my wife noticed is her arms weren't in a natural posture like on her F3. All she really need was to have them up a bit and back a bit to be perfect. We got to work on a simple solution that after many miles of hard riding did the trick for her. We added a 2" [5cm] spacer block that allowed the bars to come up and back and was a simple install.


By removing the top and bottom clamp on the stock bars and adding this riser we were able to achieve our goal. This part is carved out of a solid chunk of 6061 billet aluminum and then powdercoated to match. The M10 stainless bolts are included with the kit. The bolts are long enough to work with any stock top clamp.


Spyders equipped with other center handlebar mounted accessories like power plates and GPS mounts will require longer bolts than the supplied. Choose the "Added Accessory Hardware" option when placing order



    PriceFrom €162.62
    Excluding VAT
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