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F3 Foot Peg adapters- Widow Peg

F3 Foot Peg adapters- Widow Peg

Now you can have something other than stock to set your F3 apart from all others and have choices to match the style of your ride. High Quality Kuryakyn Widow Pegs for Your Can Am Spyder F3
The kit comes with all hardware for installing the peg adapter and pegs. The kit is sold as a set (two adapters and two pegs). These can be used as the driver pegs or passenger pegs. If you want matching pegs for front and rear you have to order a quantity of two. That will give you four pegs and four adapters.

Removing the stock bolts can be a pain to remove but we found if you take a propane torch to each bolt before trying to remove them it will break the loctite loose and the bolts will come out with ease. If you try and remove the stock bolts without a little heat chances are you'll strip the head of the bolt out. After removing the bolts and stock pegs just push out the stock brass bushing and leave the rubber bushing in. The 10mm bolt we provide reuses the rubber bushing to reduce vibration.


This kit includes two peg adapters and hardware, two Kury adpters and two Widow Pegs


These fit all F3 models rider and passenger OEM pegs.

CLICK HERE to see how to instal them on your Can-Am SPYDER


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