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FormFusion Day-Brake-Turn TOP CASE Light for Spyder F3 or RT20+

FormFusion Day-Brake-Turn TOP CASE Light for Spyder F3 or RT20+

Illuminate Your Ride with the FormFusion Day-Brake-Turn TOP CASE Light for Spyder


Elevate your touring experience with the ultimate upgrade for your Spyder. The FormFusion Trunk Light enhances visibility, ensuring a safer and more confident ride. Designed as the first formed trunk light specifically for the Spyder, this essential accessory transforms your motorcycle with brilliant lighting that integrates seamlessly with your bike's aesthetics.


Why Choose FormFusion Trunk Light?

  • Enhanced Safety and Visibility: This advanced light ensures you are seen clearly by other drivers, making your signals unmistakable. Its high placement on the trunk increases visibility compared to other lights on the market.

  • Comprehensive Lighting Functionality: Equipped with running, brake, and sequential turn signals, the FormFusion Trunk Light offers a dynamic lighting display. The sequential turn signals wrap around the trunk, creating a unique and striking visual effect that signals your intentions to fellow riders and drivers alike.

  • Perfect Fit and Sleek Design: Measuring 30.48 cm wide by 5.715 cm tall  (12” wide by 2 ¼” tall), this light is expertly crafted to form tightly around the side of the trunk. Its sleek design complements the Spyder's stock lights, enhancing the overall look of your motorcycle.



  • Easy Installation with Plug N’ Play: Spend less time installing and more time riding. The FormFusion Trunk Light features a Plug N’ Play installation, requiring the Plug N’ Play Harness (sold as an option) for a hassle-free setup. This harness is also compatible with other Show Chrome Plug N’ Play lights for the Spyder.

It is possible to instal the FormFusion Light without Plug N’ Play Harness but you will need to cut and reconnect cables.


Important info:

Turn light functionality is created by red LED lights. Who dont want to use this functionality its possible to leave it and use the light without "sequential turn light" functionality and use the light as Day Light and Brake Light only.


Upgrade your Spyder with the FormFusion Trunk Light and ride with greater safety, style, and confidence. Don’t let inadequate lighting hold you back—experience the difference with FormFusion.


Will fit all Can-Am Spyder F3-T, F3 Ltd with TOP CASE and  Spyder RT20+  2020-Present with TOP CASE

    PriceFrom €375.99
    Excluding VAT
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