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Handlebar Helmet Lock - Can Am RYKER

Handlebar Helmet Lock - Can Am RYKER

For All Can Am RYKER Motorcycles 600, 900 and Rally edition.


Can Am RYKERs are well known for lack of extra space and if you are like me, that you dont like to run around with Helmet in your hand, you really could use some extra place to be able to lock your helmet when you go into the store or a place to eat.


A fellow Spyder owner has come up with a great way to secure your helmet and lock them in place on your handlebars and now we have adjust it to RYKER motorcycles as well. It's a simple design that's easy to install yet gives you peace of mind when you have to leave your helmet on the bike.


You can now choose from two options:

A - 2 helmet extenders and 4 matching keys. Black lock body.

B - 1 helmet extender and 2 matching keys. Black lock body.

    PriceFrom €66.16
    Excluding VAT
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