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High Performance Braking Kit for Can-Am SPYDER

High Performance Braking Kit for Can-Am SPYDER

This is our last Kit we have on the shop.

Due to hard communications with supplier we have decided it is not worth to continue our cooperation even it is one hel of a product :(


Last chance to be unique!!!!


These are HIGH Performance Brakes for your Can-Am SPYDER F3 or RT models from 2015 - 2021. At the moment we are confirming if 2022 models will work with this kit as well (we will have this info around March/ April 2022)


This uprgade is for BIG BOYS only!!! I am very serious,.!!! If you know your bYke and you know how to rYde and you need better brakes, GREAT.!!! this is for you!!!

If you just dont know what to do with money, and you want bigass brakes coz they will look cool on your wheels, and you dont know how to rYde, please with all respect, contact me and talk to me first,. PLEASE!!!


as because we are sold out on Red option already, please email us to to ask for pre-orders.


This High Performance Braking Kit will fit to all stock wheels,

with PPA wheels they will fit with 15"ORB, for 15" WIDOW you may need spacers to add.


This kit, is THE ONLY KIT on the market that will improve braking and will finally let you to ride harder without any worries about "overcooking" / overheating your brakes.


MartinTheVlogger: In normal trafic they will act like normal brakes, however when you take them to canyons or to mountain passes, they will show you what they are build for. I have made 8000km with them, and so far i was not able to cook them. With stock brakes, I have put one set on fire and one set i have "just" twisted :(

so all together it has cost me 1300 Eur already in rotors from BRP/ Brembo... and still there was that annoying squeaking noice that 99% of f3 has.


MartinTheVlogger is exclusive on these kits for USA, Europe, Australia, New Zeland and Middle East.


This Kit comes with following items:

  • 2x Brake Rotors - Double Layer Rotors 370mm x 24mm
  • 2x Six / 6  Pistons Calipers with Different diameters
  • 4x Brake Pads - Carbon Metalic
  • Manual

Optional and what we recomend is to add extra set of Brake Pads (4x), so you can ride as hard as you want and in case you need to change them, you dont have to wait for shipping from us.

Click Here:


Double Layer Rotors that are twice the size in width and 1,5cm in height, with space between, will give you enought room and ventilation that it is almoust impossible to "cook" them or overheat them.


Six Pistons Brake Calipers with different dimmension in diamiters, are not only bigger compared to 4 pistons stock, but they do have also different dimmension. This is great for progressive and more controlled brake-ing. More you push more and more the calipers will bite themselves to the rotors


Carbon Metalic Brake pads - These are high performance racing brake pads


Error code free - in most of the cases 99,5% BUDS will be not even needed. These brakes will not affect the safety system of the Can Am Spyder, Neither will be in conflict with safety brake-ing in the corners.

HOWEVER be aware of two things:

1 - These are High Performance Racing brakes!!! They are officially street not legal and they serve the purpose as race track brakes.

2 - Because the kit comes with manual, it does not mean we recomend you to do the installation in house!!!!

PLEASE this is very important. In case you dont have enough experience around brakes, DO NOT DO THE INSTALATION IN HOUSE!!!! Take it to service center!!!

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