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HighBeam / DayLight Kit

HighBeam / DayLight Kit

This HighBeam / DayLight Kit  is prepared for you to make instalation as easy as possible.

It will turn your High Beams to Dayl Lights as well and will:

  • keep the funstionality of High Beams
  • Add the functionality od Day Lights
  • You will be able to turn the functionality of Day Lights OFF at any time via water resistant button


This Kit is build for all Can-Am RYKER owners that has those "Alien" Day Lights on their RYKERs and the main Lights serves as High Beams only.

This Kit add:

  • safety to your RYKER - as you are more visible with lights ON
  • add more light to your RYKER - as those main beams are nice and powerful

What is Included:

  • 2x complete Kit for Left and Right Light
  • 2x Extra connectors - backup for you
  • Zip Ties
  • Video Detailed Manual
  • OPTIONAL: 2x 5000k Light Bulbs


As an option you can add PIAA white efect beams, to replace the high beams.

They are 5000k extra Light Appearance 2x light bulbs, they look bit BLUE, as all no LED bulbs that has white effect.

55W with 350hours of rYding lifetime = approx 20.000km 


more info: I dont recomend to replace these bulbs with LEDs, as most of them dont fit, and you dont want to mess around cutting the rubber water protector on lights!


Recomended uprage for RYKER owners - Warning Light Kit - Plug and Play

- Click here


What you should have at home to make this installation:

  • Lighter
  • Electrical Tape
  • Electrical scissors



    PriceFrom €79.99
    Excluding VAT
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