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Inferno HEATED Grips for Can-Am RYKER

Inferno HEATED Grips for Can-Am RYKER

For All Can-Am RYKER 600, 900, 900 Rally & Sport Motorycles


  • Made from Durable TPR rubber
  • Up to 76C of heat to be delivered
  • 5 Levels of pre-set up heat levels
  • Automaticly shuts down when voltage is under 12,5 Volts
  • Easy installation


These are the best heating grips on the market for Can‐Am Ryker.

The Inferno™ Grips are made from durable TPR rubber for excellent adherence and vibration
dampening while maximizing the transfer of heat to your hands. Standard room temperature operation produces up to 76C which provides the ability to find that perfect level of heat.


Multiple textures and patterns in the rubber create a comfortable feeling with a fresh style. The included E‐Z™ temperature controller is simple to use while delivering the highest functionality in the market. The single button controller has 5 pre‐set heat settings with each touch of the button. Smart logic design turns heat off if the battery voltage falls below 12.5 volts. This technology has been tried and tested in our partner (Big Bike Parts) product lines for over 10 years.


These grips have been designed specifically for the Ryker and include a proprietary throttle sleeve to retain the confidence of factory performance. Easy installation does not
require any specialty tools.


Make those cold weather rides a whole lot more fun with the Inferno™ Grips!


Check out our review/installation video below and get your pair today!



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