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IPS Key Cover SPYDER F3 & RT

IPS Key Cover SPYDER F3 & RT

This is product is an Icon for Lamonster Garage and their brand IPS. Finally we have bring it down here to Europe to make your Can-Am SPYDER unique.

They will Fit to all Can-Am SPYDER F3 & RT models .


IPS stands for In Plain Sight. This is a key holder I made many years ago for my other bikes and when Lamonster made it for the Spyder people went crazy. I went into full production in 2010 and sales have not slowed down since. 


We do not recomend you leave your key in your Spyder at all times but you could if you wanted to because most folks have no idea what it is. If you leave the cap off the bottom you can pull your key out in seconds if you  like. 


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