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5x Legendary Gewing Gum & 1x Always have fun Sticker

5x Legendary Gewing Gum & 1x Always have fun Sticker

These are our Legendary Gewing Gums that are ther retro bubble gum with a blast of fruit flavor! This nostalgic gum is a throwback to the days of socialism in Czechoslovakia, where it was produced by the Velim company and sold for a mere 1 CZK = About 0.05 Cent thse days.


The cover features the iconic figure of a boy in a sombrero, a reminder of the fun and carefree days of the 1970s and 1980s. As a special bonus, each pack of Pedro gum also comes with Tatoo.


Together with Gewing Gums you will get our Iconic Sticker with Iconic Slogan: "Remember, always have fun!" Stick it on your laptop, water bottle, on Can-Am or anywhere else to add a touch of playfulness to your day. Perfect gift for your friends or as a treat for yourself, Pedro gum and sticker will bring a smile to your face and a blast of nostalgia to your taste buds.

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