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MINIMALISTIC Reverse Gear Extension - RYKER

MINIMALISTIC Reverse Gear Extension - RYKER

This is MINIMALISTIC option to popular JOCKEY Shifter for Can-Am Ryker

This Reveerse Gear Extension will fit all RYKERs 2018-Present , Rally, Basic, Sport, 900 or 600

This shifter makes going from forward to reverse or reverse to forward a much easier task but compared to Jocky shifter, its much less visible.



A - with Moving Ball Lever

B - Fix Ball Lever

Moving Ball Lever will move when you pull the Reverse Gear Extension, allowing you more ergonomic movement when hitting reverse

Fix Ball Lever will remain on its possition. During the installation you will adjust the angle of the Ball Lever itself, tight the screw and it will be always fixed and facing the same way.



Super Easy bolt on installation, No cutting or drilling required.


Shifter kit includes:

  • Steel Shifter
  • Black shift knob
  • Aluminum Linkage rod
  • Shifter mount
  • Mounting hardware


Link to option "JOCKEY SHIFTER" - Click Here

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