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Mrs Beats - EXCLUSIVE Wrap by MartinTheVlogger

Mrs Beats - EXCLUSIVE Wrap by MartinTheVlogger

MartinTheVlogger is now offering you High Quality Custom Wraps for your Can-Am RYKER 600, 900, 900 Rally or SPORT

Mrs Beats is unique design done by MartinTheVlogger that can be AND will be adjusted to your preference.




As for shipping, we must do it this way on our shop, because these wraps are produced on demand and we ship them directly from the production place, to you in order to save time and costs.

Please allow 7-10 days time for printing after recieving final confirmation of design from you.


You know you can always ask us questions and get more information on or via whatsapp +421902944669


For Your information: All he texts and numbers can be removed or adjusted to your needs


For more information email to

What is Included

  • Main Body, Gas Tank, Glove Box area
  • Front Fenders, including Mud Flaps
  • Rear Short fender


Optional: NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE, Will be send to you as additional Payment Request

prices are without VAT

  • Long/ Full rear Fender [75.50,- Eur]
  • 3 Wheels [55.50,- Eur]
  • "Alien" Lights - EU version  [28.25,- Eur]
  • A-Arms OEM [25.69,-] - visible only on Mockup / last picture
  • CVT and above Exhaust area [55.69,-]
  • Grill Trims OEM [26.59,-]
  • Shipping Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Sweden [28,- Eur] additional charge to what you will be charged on the order
  • Shipping Remaining EU Countries [49,- Eur] additional charge to what you will be charged on the order
  • Shipping USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, Asia, Middle East - please write to and we will find the best possible option for you based on our location. Additional charge to what you will be charged on the order


    Excluding VAT
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