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Performance Shock Adjuster Kit - RYKER

Performance Shock Adjuster Kit - RYKER

BajaRon Custom Performance Shock Adjuster Kit

Adjusters Only - Shocks Not Included


For Can Am RYKER Only!!! All Models without Shock Adjusters - will NOT FIT RALLY models!!!

Will NOT fit any shock which already has adjustment capabilities


Custom Performance Shock Adjusters allow you to maintain your original ride height regardless of loading, while at the same time improving stability when braking and when taking turns.


Handling will improve, while maintaining proper front end alignment, less lean and dive, virtually eliminating ground strikes due low ride height, and an overall more enjoyable ride.


What is included:

  • Step-by-Step Installation Manual

  • 1 Set (2) Custom Performance Shock Adjusters

  • Our easy to use Spanner Wrench


Recomended option for easier installation:

BAJARON Custom Performance Shock Adjuster Kit can be ordered with Spring Compressor Tool, although we do highly recommend the purchase to make installation easier.

we offer it as a RENT ONLY

we offer it for European and UK customers due to shipping costs

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