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PRO - PedalBox - Throttle Response Unit - RYKER

PRO - PedalBox - Throttle Response Unit - RYKER

For All Can Am RYKER Motorcycles 600, 900 and Rally & Sport

This is PedalBox PRO version with Bluetooth & App!!!

What this unit does in short?

You bike will be much faster 0-100kmh, your bike will consume less fuel when riding in ECO, your bike can be extra secured with immobiliser Functionality.

Its LOT OF FUN upgrade that will not harm your Can-Am!!!


FIVE Modes: Standard, ECO, City, Sport & Sport +

TWO Features: Power Limitation and Immobiliser


Sport Plus

The SPORT PLUS mode has an optimized throttle response throughout the complete speed range. The response is designed for fast acceleration.


The SPORT mode increases the throttle acceleration already clearly and is suitable for most driving situations. The engine reacts more spontaneously: A real plus of dynamism, which the driver feels especially when overtaking.


CITY mode is perfectly designed for stop-and-go in city traffic. It ensures improved power in the low rev range.


ECO mode saves fuel on every journey. To achieve this, the programme reduces fuel consumption by limiting aggressive and sporty acceleration. The response is programmed for economical consumption.


The STOCK mode sets the vehicle's throttle response in default setting.


Pro Feature: Limit mode

Keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road at all times. With Limit Mode, novice drivers in the family or hotel employees have safety and control at all times when driving, especially in powerful vehicles with a lot of traction in the throttle pedal.

To do this, the programme reduces the throttle response and limits the opening of the throttle to a certain point. You can customize the maximum throttle position to approx. 20% (suitable for city traffic/valet parking), 50% (standard setting) or 80% (prevents strong acceleration).


Pro Feature: Immobiliser

Secure your vehicle additionally with the PedalBox Pro and prevent theft by external interference. Each start is only released by PedalBox Pro when your associated remote control or paired mobile phone is within range.

At the same time, PedalBox Pro protects you from the well-known security gap of Keyless Go. Many vehicle types make it easy for thieves to override your car key. PedalBox Pro does not offer thieves this possibility and thus additionally secures your vehicle against theft.


with Bluetooth conneciton possibility that allows you to control the unit via mobile app or via buttons on the unit itself.


MartinTheVlogger APPROVED!

This is one hell of an upgrade that you must have. I do guarantee you that when you will install this unit and you will hit the road, it will create a big ass smile on your face.

This version allows you to control the PedalBox via App - Android or iOS phones


Video Review + Instalation + What the PedalBOX does CLICK HERE

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