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Reduce Build Time of Wilbers Shocks

Reduce Build Time of Wilbers Shocks

With custom build Wilbers shocks we experience production time anywhere from 14 to 19 bsuiness days. It is slightly more during prime season - May-August,

We can now reduce the production time to 2-5 business days for extra fee, sometime even to next business day.!!


Please this is subject to avaliablitity on the production line!!!

*We ask Wilbers and if it is possible then we will deliver the shocks prioritly to you.

*If it is not possible we will refund you 100% from this fee of Priority Build


Please be still aware that it takes around 3-5 days to get the shocks to our shop.

We can however send you shocks directly from factory to you if you ask so - THIS IS POSSIBLE ONLY for EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS!!!


Options to purchase:

1 - ONE PRIORITY BUILD: this means you have ordered 

A = Set of front shocks or

B = Rear shock


2 - if you have ordered Set of FRONT and Rear Shock, please choose option 



For this purchase you must purchase RYKER or SPYDER Wilbers shocks on our shop - rear, set of front or both,.

    PriceFrom €100.00
    Excluding VAT
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