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RYKER Aluminium Radiator & Air Intake - Protectors

RYKER Aluminium Radiator & Air Intake - Protectors

This radiator and Air Intake protector will fit any of Can-Am RYKER models: 600,900, Rally or Sport 2019 - Present and its great and cost effective solution how to

  • protect your EXPENSIVE radiator from rocks and big insects.
  • protect your Air intake and your air filters from leaves and insects getting constantly there and blocking the air flowing to your Engine or CVT


Your Can-Am rally comes with some inside steel thin protector, but it does not cover the whole area, and it is so thin that one sharper rock will got hru it like a hot knife thru butter.

Your Air Intakes are completly without protection - it will not work with AIR INTAKE ACCENTS from BRP!!!


Grill Protector is moutend by Zip Ties from inside of your mask, so you can still carry the look/protector upgrade like 

Air Intake protectors are also mounted by Zip ties


It is made from aluminum, means light weight and it also means NO Rust!  Our aluminum grills will never rust. Protection with a smaller openings that give a lot of air to your radiators. 

    PriceFrom €119.99
    Excluding VAT
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